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About Us

We are clear about your logistics.
Let's be clear about ourselves.

Our story


Established in 2016, Wolf Direct is becoming a lead provider in the logistics space creating solutions leveraged with Technology, Analytics, and Knowledge. Our team of specialists treat all transportation needs with care and high-sensitivity while incorporating in our core values. We’ve covered a lot of miles since 2016 and there’s still plenty of road ahead. With goals to make your logistics process clear, we have and continue investing in the tools to provide commitment and consistency to your business.

Supported by G&I Logistics, a 100+ asset-based trucking firm in the USA, we don’t find capacity solutions – we create them and bring them to you. Being in the business for 20+ years G&I’s top executives take strategic approaches to your needs like they have with their support to us. G&I focuses on the same core values and is focused on impeccable service where ever it is needed. 

Core Values


Value your people. Establish a culture of integrity, timeliness, professionalism, accountability and care.


We provide value in what we do. Our teams create value by ensuring the best quality service that can always be expected.


Collaborating with our customers and ourselves achieving goals together. We are always here to support each other like a family.


Each business needs their own solution. Our culture nurtures people to create innovative ideas best fit for you.


From Point A to Point B, from Tender Accept to Final Bill. We are fully committed to our employees, values, and customers.