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Wolf Direct is a North American full service logistics provider emerging in the Chicagoland area. We are a carrier-backed brokerage that has goals of making your logistics process clear for your business. Technology, analytics, and knowledge are embedded into everyone here, allowing us to provide unparalleled service to shippers and carriers.

Manage your transportation

Leveraging technology and years of industry experience, we provide effective solutions that make sense for your business allowing better management of your transportation needs. Our goal is to make your logistics clearer than ever.

Strategic Capacity Solutions

Partnered with over 10,000 carriers in North America, we provide strategic capacity solutions based around your needs. Wolf Direct is backed by G&I Logistics Inc, a 100+ asset-based dry van provider, so we can make sure you have a truck where you need it, when you need it.


3rd party logistics

Our 3PL/Broker services are just as competitive as an asset-based trucking firm. Being a carrier-backed brokerage further cements our footprint and impeccable service to secure capacity and tailor solutions around your companies needs. From TL to IMDL, from Solo’s to White Glove needs and even your warehousing needs. We service it all.

Asset-based/dedicated services

G&I Logistics Inc, a sister company of Wolf Direct, supports the brokerage and it’s customers with dedicated and transactional trucking services. With over 100+ drivers, several regional terminals, and the ability to drop trailers, we are well positioned to meet your needs no matter what they are.


We at Wolf Direct recognize that technology is a major player in much of what we in both our daily and work lives today. Recognizing that, we leverage the best technology possible to help make your logistics process clearer than ever. Combine our analytical nature and you receive top-notch clarity like you’ve never experienced before.

“It’s exciting to be a part of a company that cares. That has innovative ideas. That is definitely on the right track to taking the logistics industry to the next step. Wolf Direct is a great employer that cares not only about me but about their customers and making a difference.”

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Our mission

Our mission at Wolf Direct is to make your logistics and transportation as clear as possible. Offering a variety of services and plenty of knowledge, we leverage technology and continue to invest in ourselves continuing to strive for operational excellence and first-class service.

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