Founded in 2016, Wolf Direct is an exceptional logistics provider who partners and listens with customers and vendors to help move the industry forward. With over 50+ years of industry experience among our staff, we have the capability to get any job - whether it be big or small - done. Wolf Direct, Inc is supported by 50+ asset trucks with their North American based trucking company.

The logistics industry is always changing and at a rapid pace. Wolf Direct and it's employees are constantly adapting to those changes and keeping up on the industry trends. We work to get that extra edge for everyone. We help our customers and vendors adapt by sharing our knowledge and information as thorough as possible.

The best solutions are created here, we see everything all the way through. With many years of industry experience within our walls, you can bring us your transportation and logistics needs knowing its going to be taken care of. We analyze every detail to make sure it fits within your network.

We lead the industry in overall service, commitment, determination, and creativity. Our team is there to make a difference and lead the way through your projects by making sure the require the attention they all deserve.

Logistics is a thriving and every changing industry. Our core values and culture will bring the values and contributions you are looking for your logistical needs. With proven impeccable service and outstanding solutions, our customers know their transportation is taken care of. No job is too big or small for our amazing staff that possesses a tremendous amount of diverse knowledge.


Asset-Based Services

Our sister company is a dry van fleet of 75+ trucks that haul in all 48 states. Solo's and Team's - G&I Logistic's drivers get the job done professionally and timely.

3PL Services

Wolf Direct is a leading class broker who has an extended network of trusted carriers for all of your needs. From ReeferLTL to Intermodal, we create solutions that fit.

Supply Chain and Logistics

We care about your supply chain and logistics. Data driven, we will analyze and partner with you to help you create efficiency and add value throughout your organization.